Tony Saunders Band

Angelica's , 863 Main Street , Redwood City, CA

Bell Stage Main Dining Room

"Tony Saunders has as deep a pocket as Wilton Felder, Chuck Rainey and Jerry Jemmott. He locks the groove on his new single, "Uptown Jazz."

The foundation laid by Saunders allows the flute to dance over the top. Intoxicating horn arrangements will have you getting down all night long.

ABOUT TONY SAUNDERS Tony Saunders’ life story could be the script to a hit movie. Son of legendary keyboardist and composer Merl Saunders, Tony’s life has been a musical adventure. As a child he was taught piano by Herbie Hancock, and for his tenth birthday he received an electric organ as a gift from Sly Stone. Growing up around his dad and the Fantasy Records family of artists he was constantly surrounded by music royalty, including famed record and film executive Saul Zaentz. His passion for the bass guitar began while sitting in on recording sessions with musicians Anthony Davis, who played with Walter Hawkins, and Lee Miles of Miles Davis fame.